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2021 Electric & Fiber Construction

05 April 21

Idaho Falls Power and Idaho Falls Fiber are completing a joint electric and communication infrastructure upgrade in neighborhoods between Rollandet and St. Clair Road, 25th and Sunnyside Road. The project is broken up into three phases and slated to begin in April.  View Full Map (PDF)

This project has two purposes. First, to replace your aging high voltage electric infrastructure or to provide provisions to replace that infrastructure in the future. Second, to provide your residence access to the Idaho Falls Fiber Network. This project will require IFP, IFF and our contractors to access the utility easements on your property. Utility easements are deeded rights-of-way that gives a utility legal access to your property for the purpose of providing and maintaining utilities, i.e. water, power, sewer, and communications.

We understand this work may be an inconvenience for you. We will do our best to minimize the impact, and it is our commitment to work with our residents to restore work sites back to original or better condition. We are excited about the benefits of this work with increased electric reliability and access to connect to the City’s fastest fiber internet.

Goals of the project:

  • Install fiber optic cable in the utility easement that will be able to provide each residence high speed internet capability with speeds up to 1Gig. (For more information visit
  • Install a conduit for a future upgrade and/or replacing aging electrical cable this summer.
  • Utilization of construction methods that minimize impact to our customers.
  • 100 percent customer satisfaction!

What customers should know:

  • Utility locates will be called in for your residence. This is the process of identifying and marking with paint and flags the location of underground utilities. The paint (if used) is temporary and will fade and wash away, generally within the month.
  • A door hanger will be left at your residence indicating that work in your yard will be performed prior to work commencing. On this card will be a number for the crew foreman assigned to your residence. If you have any issues or concerns please notify this person directly because they are best situated to quickly address the concerns.
  • If you are not getting the response from the field foreman that meets your expectations you can contact our main office at 208-612-8430 so we hopefully address the concerns.