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Idaho Falls Hydroelectric Power Plant Tour

We provide tours at the City Hydroelectric Plant, which has been producing clean, reliable, renewable, and affordable energy around the clock for more than 100 years. The City Plant is located just south of the Broadway bridge. Tours for the public can be scheduled Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and we welcome school and family groups or individuals.

On this tour, you will visit our energy services lobby where you can observe displays, maps, and dioramas which will help you understand how we generate electricity at our five, city owned, hydroelectric plants.

Please review additional tour details below:

Location: 140 South Capital Avenue. Please enter through the north "Customer Entrance."
Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Total distance: 0.20 miles
Handicap accessible: No
Effort: Easy to Moderate. The tour does contain several flights of stairs, up and down.

Additional Tour Details:

Please email or call at least three weeks in advance for tour reservations, especially for large groups.

Children under 10 years old will not be permitted to tour inside the plant but are welcome to view the displays in our energy center. School groups: Only school groups of 4th grade and older can participate in the tour.

No more than 20 students in a tour group at one time. Two or more chaperones are also required. Ear protection is available upon request.

For reservations and additional information, contact:

Attn: IFP Plant Tours