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Idaho Falls Power is a municipal electric utility serving the corporate city limits of Idaho Falls, Idaho. The City of Idaho Falls has operated a municipal electric generation system since 1900, when a small generator was installed in an irrigation canal to create electricity for streetlights. Today the City owns and operates five hydropower plants along the Snake River.

History / Public Power

Idaho Falls is one of the oldest public power communities in the Pacific Northwest. Learn about our history and partnerships aimed and delivering affordable, reliable power to our customers.

Generation & Power Statistics

The five city-owned hydroelectric projects provide, on average, about one-third of the electricity used in the City. Idaho Falls power also owns a portion of the Horse Butte Wind project, and it operates a small solar installation at our location on 140 S. Capital Avenue. Learn more about our power portfolio.

Future Resource Planning

Idaho Falls Power's goal is to provide low-cost, reliable electricity that meets current and future energy and sustainability needs. The utility is committed to effective and responsible resource use and environmental practices that maximize social and economic development to lay the foundation for future generations to thrive.


Idaho Falls Power is the owner, operator, and licensee for four hydroelectric plants on the Snake River. As part of owning and operating these Projects on a public waterway, IFP must be granted a license to operate by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The current licenses for both Projects expire on January 31, 2029 and must be renewed via a regulatory process called relicensing.

Utility Publications

Idaho Falls Power issues an annual report and quarterly newsletters. We also post financial information here.


We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Idaho Falls Power posts job openings through the City of Idaho Falls Human Resources Department.

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