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Power Quality / Equipment Protection

Power Quality Issues

Please contact us at (208) 612-8430 if you experience any problems with your electric service, including frequent blips, brief outages or loss of power to part of the home or business that is not related to a tripped breaker.

Surge Protector Program

It is the customer's responsibility to protect sensitive electronic equipment within their premises from external electrical events caused by storms, fallen power lines or faulty equipment from a nearby home or business. Idaho Falls Power (IFP) has a program that can help. We can also take steps to identify the source of recurring problems or power quality issues. Please call 208-612-8340 for more information about the Surge Protector Program. Sign up by logging in to your customer portal.


The building must receive its electric service from Idaho Falls Power.


Idaho Falls Power will install and maintain a meter socket surge protector at the electric meter outside the customer's home or business upon receipt of a signed agreement form.

Monthly Fee

  • $4 per month for each residential account
  • $7 per month for each commercial account

This fee is assessed on the customer's utility bill.


Customer may terminate the service at any time by notifying Idaho Falls Power; however, a $100 termination fee will be assessed if cancelled within two years of the installation date. There is no termination fee after this period.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Customer will maintain information about the make, model, age and cost of appliances and electronic equipment in the home or business, and will provide that information to the surge protector manufacturer upon request.
  • Customer will be liable to the utility for any damage to the surge protector caused by the customer's misuse, abuse, removal, transfer, or tampering.
  • If the surge protector is damaged by the customer, the warranty will be cancelled and IFP will have no obligation to replace the equipment.

Right of Inspection

IFP has the right to inspect the surge protector during normal business hours or an emergency.