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Stop, Start, Move Service

Idaho Falls utility services are centrally located at City Hall, 308 Constitution Way, giving you the ability to start, stop, or move electric, water, sanitation and wastewater services in one location.

To open an account, you'll need to complete this form for residential service or this form for a commercial account.

To close an account, sign into the Customer Self-Service portal using your existing account.

To temporarily stop services for electrical repairs or tree trimming, please call Idaho Falls Power at 612-8430. There is no charge for this service during business hours.


Idaho Falls Power apologizes for the inconveniences we can occasionally suffer during an unplanned outage. Often times the outage is caused by circumstances out of our control. Because electric bills are generated based on how much electricity you use, your bill will reflect those times when the power was not being used. Idaho Falls Power does not issue a broad "credit" in these cases.

You will need to have your work inspected by the City Electrical Inspectors at the Building Department. When the changes have been inspected and "passed", a connect order will be generated from the building department to Idaho Falls Power to energize the power. We require someone be present when the power is turned back on, we will contact you to make that arrangement. Contact the Building Division for an inspection.

Contact Idaho Falls Power, 24 hours in advance to schedule the power cut. If the arrangements are made to shut off and turn on power during normal business hours, there will be no charge to you. If an employee has to be dispatched after hours, you will be charged for this service. Confirm hours with Idaho Falls Power when you call to schedule your work so you can be aware of the potential for charges.

You will need to provide a photo ID, social security number, rental/lease agreement, and a signature to the Utility Office at 308 Constitution Way.

There are a number of factors that go into determining when power can be connected to a new building such as whether the building permit inspections have been completed and found to be to code, whether the service line conduit has been installed in accordance with IFP's service policy and whether an inspection of the service line conduit has been completed.  Contact Idaho Falls Power for more information.