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Community and Recreation

Idaho Falls Power is more than a utility. We’re a proud member of the community, dedicated to improving the lives of the people we touch. We believe in safety in our day-to day-work and for our customers, and we strive to enhance the quality of life in our city through recreational opportunities.

Education Outreach

Idaho Falls Power is committed to safely delivering power into your home or business. While we rely on electricity, we sometimes underestimate its force. Knowing a few basic rules can keep you safe around electricity.

Hydroelectric Power Plant Tour

Learn about Idaho Falls Power's hydroelectric history and how the city owned utility harnesses the power of the Snake River to produce electrcity.

ICUA Youth Rally/Scholarships

Idaho Falls Power is a leading sponsor of the Idaho Consumer-Owned Utilities Association Youth Rally. Learn more about our efforts to help young men and women take advantage of this unique opportunity.


Idaho Falls Power has several programs to promote recreation in our area. With four facilities on the Snake River in Idaho Falls, we have a deep respect for the resources along the river and have partnered with the city on several projects to provide access for recreation.