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Accounts and Services

At Idaho Falls Power, we’re here to help. Whether it’s a question about an account or one of our services, we have the answers. Check out the links below for information on Accounts and Services.


As a municipal electric utility, Idaho Falls Power partners with the City of Idaho Falls to consolidate all Utilities charges on one bill - electric, water, sewer, and garbage. There are several ways to pay your utility bill. You may pay your bill online, by telephone, in-person at the Treasurer's office, or you can enroll in auto-pay using your checking account or bank card (debit or credit card).

This is also where to sign up for service or stop service.

Rates & Policies

Idaho Falls has some of the lowest electrical rates in the country. View residential, commercial, and industrial rates. Also, policy procedures for new and existing services and what will be required of a customer desiring electric service.

Clean Energy Program

Idaho Falls Power is committed to sustainability. That's why we now offer Certified Clean Energy. When you sign up for Certified Clean Energy, you are getting the cleanest energy available.


With interest in alternative energy at an all time high, many customers wonder about adding solar or wind power to the homes or businesses. We have the information to help you do it right.

Energy Efficiency

Idaho Falls Power is proud to offer a variety of programs to help our customers save energy and money. Through participation in our efficiency programs, Idaho Falls Power customers may qualify for rebates or zero-interest loans to install energy efficient measures in their home or business.

Power Quality / Equipment Protection

We want to make sure service meets your needs. If you’re experiencing issues or want to learn how to protect your home’s electronics.

Security Lighting

Idaho Falls Power can provide lighting in areas where security is a concern, such as parking lots, storage areas, driveways, and yards.

Electric Vehicle Programs

Electric vehicles (EV) are fun to drive, easy to charge, and cost less to fuel and maintain. Whether you’re driving an EV, or considering buying an EV, we have information to help.

Tree Trimming

Trees that are too close to power lines can interfere with electric service, especially when weather brings lightning, ice or high winds. Idaho Falls Power trims trees to clear our power lines as part of our commitment to ensure safe and reliable electric service. Learn more about the tree trimming responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can vew the most commonly asked questions we receive.  If you don't see an answer to your question here, send us an email.