Future Resource Planning

Idaho Falls Power's goal is to provide low-cost, reliable electricity that meets current and future energy and sustainability needs. The utility is committed to effective and responsible resource use and environmental practices that maximize social and economic development to lay the foundation for future generations to thrive.

Currently, IFP predominately uses hydropower – through our own generation and from purchased power from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) – to serve utility customers. Our five hydropower plants operated along the Snake River typically provide one-third of our City's energy needs, depending upon the season and consumer demands. IFP also has preference rights and an agreement with the Bonneville Power Administration to purchase power from federal dams located on the Columbia River, Lower Snake River, and a nuclear plant located in Hanford, Washington. This power purchase agreement expires in 2028. It is subject to renewal, which comes with additional uncertainty on cost and supply. The BPA contract supplies between one-half to two thirds of our energy needs. The remainder of our power comes from wholesale market purchases and a small portion of wind generation near Ririe Reservoir in Eastern Idaho.

This resource mix has served our needs well. But, the energy landscape is changing, creating unprecedented fluctuations in energy market costs and availability due to a number of variables, including western coal plant retirements, surrounding state energy policy changes, and overall customer growth. The city has experienced significant growth in the last five years. The result is load growth for the utility which requires more energy, predominantly during peak summer and winter periods of the year.

To best serve and provide for the needs of our customers and our community while maintaining our overall goals and objectives, IFP continually looks at and explores additional energy resources to best plan for current and future energy needs.