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Clean Energy Program

Idaho Falls Power is committed to sustainability. The electricity delivered to homes and businesses is 97% carbon-free, with most of it coming from hydro-electric plants throughout the Pacific Northwest. Hydroelectric power is a clean, renewable resource that generates electricity without burning fossil fuels.

Certified Clean Energy

When you buy Certified Clean Energy from Idaho Falls Power, you can rest assured you're getting the cleanest energy available. Certified Clean Energy Logo That's because the five city-owned hydropower plants on the Snake River have been certified as CLEAN by the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS).

WREGIS is an independent, web-based tracking system for renewable energy certificates (REC) covering the western United States. Certification through WREGIS means hydropower from Idaho Falls Power generating facilities meets environmental sustainability standards for renewable resources.

Commercial customers who sign up for the program will receive an electronic version of our Certified Clean Energylogo to promote their commitment to renewable energy. It shows customers and stakeholders your desire for clean energy.

How Does it Work?

We make it easy for Idaho Falls Power customers to voluntarily purchase clean energy. When you sign up for our Clean Energy Program, you will see the rate for Certified Clean Energy on your monthly utility bill. It has its own line item with a special rate of $0.003 per kilowatt-hour (kWh). That's about $3.60 more per month for the average household.

How Do I Sign Up?

Contact Idaho Falls Utilities at 208-612-8280 or log in to your customer portal. You can start or stop Certified Clean Energy any time. The change will appear on your next monthly utility bill.

How is the Money from Certified Clean Energy Used?

Idaho Falls Power puts funds raised from Certified Clean Energy back into the community by using it to build out projects like the city's electric vehicle (EV) charging system and other clean energy programs. Certified Clean Energy funds are tracked separately and then can be used to pay for local clean energy projects.

How does Certified Clean Energy Benefit Idaho Falls?

It's an easy way to make the world a little greener. If sustainability and energy efficiency are important to you, you can make a difference with our Clean Energy Program. You can offset the overall carbon footprint of your home or business beyond your electricity use. For example, emissions from your car or the natural gas used to heat your home or business.

Ask us about our energy efficiency programs to help reduce your power consumption.