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Serving Idaho Falls since 1900

Idaho Falls Power is a municipal electric utility serving the city of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Since 1900, our mission has been to deliver low-cost electricity to residents and businesses. We have done this by harnessing the power of the Snake River to produce clean, reliable, hydropower. Idaho Falls owns and operates five hydropower plants that deliver about one-third of the city’s electricity needs.

In addition to the generation and transmission of electricity to homes and businesses, Idaho Falls Power offers a number of programs and services that benefit customers and the community. This includes the Idaho Falls Fiber Optic Network, which delivers high-speed, affordable, internet capability for homes and businesses.

Idaho Falls Power Residential Electric Rate is 6.75 cents per KWh
Idaho Average Electric Rate is 10.2 cents per KWh
U.S. Average Electric Rate is 14.0 cents per KWh
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Future Resource Planning

Idaho Falls Power's goal is to provide low-cost, reliable electricity that meets current and future energy and sustainability needs. To best serve and provide for the needs of our customers and our community while maintaining our overall goals and objectives, IFP continually looks at and explores additional energy resources to best plan for current and future energy needs.

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RFP for Geothermal Generation

Idaho Falls Power (IFP) is seeking proposals from entities capable of delivering up to 15 MW of geothermal generation, with a target between 6 and 12 MW. IFP is open to proposals for projects in various stages of development that can meet this capacity requirement by the specified Commercial Operation Date. View the RFP.


Energy Efficiency

Idaho Falls Power offers several energy-saving programs for residential and business customers. These programs help customers save money by eliminating wasted energy and reducing the cost of energy-efficient products and/or services. Whether it’s implementing energy conservation measures or installing efficient appliances and heating systems, we have the solutions to help Idaho Falls residents and businesses achieve significant energy reduction and savings.

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